Polemarch's Message

Because we've seen so many good brothers transition to Chapter Invisible over this last year, I've witnessed what I can only call: a resounding truth about our Bond in Kappa:
  1.  There is a real strength in our kinship that bridges time and geographical distance.
  2. To my eyes the most common denominator among the Brothers we've memorialized is the depth and breadth of their Achievements.
  3. Somewhere along the way the vast majority made more deposits into the lives of others (Brothers and community) than withdrawals.
We naturally cherish the richness of memories with those closest to us in the Bond.... those who ran the yard with us. And while there's truly something to being able to share tales of the past (where the older we get, the better we were, LOL); the truly wealthiest of all Kappas are those that have opened themselves up as Brothers to ALL Kappas regardless of pin-rank or initiation method. They are the ones that see in others, themselves.... living out a mantra of "I am my brother's keeper".
What is life in Kappa to you? How much more could we do if each Kappa brother reading this message committed to doing more in Kappa, and for the Bond which we all pledged our life-long dedication to?
I realize that we each have our reasons we chose and pledged Kappa. That's why we've attempted a "get in where you fit in activity and committee structure, including an All-Are-Welcome open-door policy.
If you know the meaning of Phi Nu Pi, you are welcome to any and all meetings of Indy Alumni.
You are welcome share your thoughts, time and talents advancing Kappa in Indianapolis and beyond.
Here's a recap of our Indy Kappa truths:
  • 584 Brothers receive regular chapter emails.
  • Approx. 229 open chapter emails regularly
  • 131 Brothers have paid full chapter dues
  • Several Brothers are verbally committed to partial paid on dues
  • We've averaged approximately 69 Brothers per chapter meeting/fellowship dinner.
  • We've engaged with the community in more impactful ways.
  • We've implemented 6mos. event planning templates.
  • We've increased our brand awareness both civically and socially.
  • We've inducted 10 young men into Kappa League.
  • We've improved and increased our involvement and outreach to Undergraduate Chapters.
  • We've adopted and will soon roll out a new communications platform.
  • We have seen renewed energy at meetings and events.
And still we can do more!!
What does KAPPA mean to you? Can you do more for KAPPA?
If Indy Kappa isn't quite what you think it can or should be.... Each one of us should MAKE IT!
"That's the Kappa of my Dreams"
Always yours in the Bond,